Alternative Health is the fastest growing area of medicine!

Enjoy your life while you do the right thing to further your education!

This program is suitable for students interested in

  • 1 year or 2 year programs offering certification options
  • Freedom and convenience offered by distance learning
  • Helping people to feel better and get well
  • Natural and alternative health and medical modalities
  • Improving and expanding health care options
  • Accredited , high quality, practical training
Our students typically
  • Have a GPA of 2.5 or above
  • Are comfortable reading and writing
  • Are able to work on their own as independent students
  • Have some science aptitude
  • Are delighted that math is not required

Take our easy Quiz!

1) Do you like to help people feel better?
2) Are you interested in health and medicine but turned off by bodily fluids?
3) Is a 4 year degree too much time and money?
4) Are you a good reader ?
5) Can you take notes or write without a lot of
6) Would you enjoy talking with people about
health care options?
7) Do you tend to finish what you start?
8) Can you easily follow instructions and work
9) Do you appreciate the importance of higher
10) Would it be easier and cheaper for you to get
educated at home?

A majority of yes answers means you are perfect for our programs!

Get a quality education and real work experience for less money

A typical community college program costs at least $3,000-$6,000 per year and you will finish with no actual work experience.

For example,

Ivy Tech= 1 year program= $3,000 or more

2 year program= $6,000 or more tuition

Finish with no actual work experience


AEI= 1 year program (Module I)= $2,900 tuition

2 year program (Modules I, II, III)= $5,505 tuition total

Required Clinical Practicum=actual work experience

Module I= $2,900 24 credit hours

Module II= $2,100 14 credit hours

Module III= $505 10 credit hours

Total hours of Academic Credits= 48 + 60 hour practicum

  • 15 credit hours (General education: Science, Business, English, Psychology, Ethics)
  • 33 credit hours (Professional Technical Studies in a variety of majors)
  • 60 hour clinical practicum (Hands on real work experience putting your training to good use)

Complete one, two or all three modules!

What you can do with AEI Graduate Certificates?

You will get a great value

for your education dollars with

American Eastern Institute training!

Complete Module I get a:

Certificate as a Natural Health Educator

With this you will be qualified to:

  • Educate the public
  • Work in a health products or services store
  • Represent natural products manufacturers
  • Provide useful community service through public speaking and financially rewarding professional writing
  • Lead seminars and work shops

Complete Module II get a second certificate as a

Natural Health Technician

With this second certificate you will be qualified to:

  • Do all of the above plus
    • Assist physicians in professional offices
    • Work in hospitals or clinics
    • Make more money!

Complete Module III get a third certificate as a

Natural Health Practitioner

With this third certificate you will be qualified to:

  • Do all of the above plus
    • Work independently as a
      • Reflexologist
      • Aromatherapist
      • BioEnergetic Healer
      • Stress Reduction Counselor
      • Iridologist
      • Meditation and Hypnotherapy Counselor
      • Alternative Therapies Practitioner
    • Enjoy greater prestige!
    • Have more career flexibility!
    • Be eligible for National Certification!

So, you have a choice... You can complete individual modules and get flexible, useful, valuable certificates


you can complete the entire program, have more options and be qualified to take the National Certification Exam for Alternative Health Practitioners. Our graduates have a 98% pass rate!

Earn a Quality, Convenient Education

How can you

"earn while you learn"?

Become a part of the health care revolution!

Share the good news about our program!

Tell a prospective student about

American Eastern Institute and you can earn $1,000

Since our program is selective and it is important to us to keep our tuition low we do not advertise to the general public. We need intelligent, caring people to continue to spread the word. We rely on recruiters, Guidance Counselors and finders fees to attract new students.

Share our program with a worthy new prospective student and -after they enroll- you can be paid a $1,000 finders fee*, if you are registered on our private recruiter list.

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American Eastern Institutes accredited programs offer 8 Major Certificates and 3 Advanced Degrees.